Local Governance Masterclass Event

THE LOCAL GOVERNANCE REVIEW What does this mean in the context of Safer Communities?

30 October, Stirling


A seminar for community safety partners, and anyone with an interest in finding out more about the Local Governance review and increasing participation and decision-making of communities; particularly within the context of safer communities and justice work.

Hosted and sponsored by the Scottish Community Safety Network with support from The Local Governance Review Team at the Scottish Government

In December 2017, the Scottish Government and COSLA jointly launched a Local Governance Review, which aims to make sure local communities have more say about how public services in their area are run. The review will consider how powers, responsibilities and resources are shared across national and local spheres of government, and with communities.

You can read more about the review here.

There are two strands to the review:

Strand 1 Community decision making

There is a growing recognition that it is often better for decisions about the issues that affect different communities in Scotland to be taken with more active involvement of those communities. The Scottish Government wants to make changes to the way decisions are made in communities.

Conversations, badged as ‘Democracy Matters’ have been happening since June and this first part of the process will finish up at the end of November 2018. There has been a consultation document, postcards on which people can submit their ideas and an online portal for people to upload ideas and have a conversation about it. There are also materials to assist you to have these conversations within your own community.

Strand 2 Public Service Governance

This concerns whether there are decisions currently taken nationally which would be better taken locally, and a recognition that outcomes for citizens and communities are best when decisions are taken at the right level of place. There are already some good examples of this, but the review team would like to hear how these approaches could be strengthened, whether there are new powers that are required for progress and how to hardwire better local governance arrangements into places.

A joint letter to public sector leaders was sent in June 2018 inviting them for ideas – this stage runs from June to December, and initial ideas were to be submitted by September.

You can read the full letter here.

This seminar will explore the two strands of the Local Governance Review, share some examples of early suggestions being put forward and provide opportunities to discuss how you can apply the principles to your own team, organisation and partnership. We also want to equip you with the tools to have these conversations on strand one with the communities that you work with.

Discussion at the seminar will inform a short briefing report that will be shared by the Scottish Community Safety Network and contribute to the Local Governance Review process.

How Participants will benefit:

Participants will gain an understanding of the Local Governance Review aims and process.

Participants will have the space to explore how decisions on community safety could be taken with citizens and what national decisions could perhaps be taken more locally.

Participants will have time to consider and discuss what opportunities there are to explore the Local Governance review with their own communities.

Breakdown of the day:

Session 1: Introduction to the Local Governance Review

Session 2: Open space to explore community decision-making and opportunities for more local public service governance

We are looking forward to seeing you at our #SCSNMasterclass on the Local Governance Review. Email info@scsn.org.uk with any questions.