Member Forums

While SCSN aims to provide leadership and be a centre of excellence for the community safety sector, we acknowledge that we cannot do this alone. We need to draw on the expertise of the sector and as such, contributions from our members and partners are essential. Working with our members is vital if we are to ensure that our services reflect the sector’s current needs and that we are adequately informed in order to influence national developments.

Link Officer Visits 

On an annual basis, SCSN staff meet with every member organisation to identify local priorities and gather information to help inform the national agenda. In December 2015, we also undertook Link Officer group meetings across Scotland which, as well as discussing current practice and emerging issues, will provided the opportunity for neighbouring local authorities to share practice and extend networking opportunities.

Updates on upcoming link officer meetings will be available shortly.

If you would like to attend one of these meetings or would like more information, please call Dawn Exley on 0131 225 8700.

National Operational Group

The National Operational Group (NOG) is the forum for community safety officers to share practice, consider emerging issues and develop networks. As such all member organisations are offered a place around the table and are encouraged to inform the agenda.


Partnership Analyst Forum 

The adoption of evidence based strategic planning (NIM/Strategic Assessments) and local tasking models have been at the core of how community safety prioritise their work for many years. The Partnership Analyst Forum supports those who are responsible for gathering and analysing data within a Community Safety Partnership, providing inputs on different data sources and encouraging shared learning.

The next Partnership Analysts Forum is yet to be confirmed.

Annual Survey

SCSN produces a short, annual online survey to measure members’ and partner organisations’ satisfaction with our services and to consult on proposed new services for the coming year. The findings help to inform our service provision and are reported on in our Annual Report.

Many thanks to everyone who took the time to complete our 2016 Annual Survey.