Making the Case for Community Safety – Chairs and Lead Officers’ event



The Mews 35 Young Street North lane, Edinburgh, EH2 4JD

Edinburgh, GB, EH2 4JD

The event encourages information sharing and networking within the community safety sector at a strategic level; and provides delegates with an opportunity to consider emerging themes and influence future developments.  The theme for the day will be ‘making the case for community safety’ and there will be inputs from national partners on current and future work and opportunities to network with colleagues from across Scotland.

The target audience for this event is both Chairs and lead officers from Community Safety Partnerships but we know that the landscape is changing and therefore invite and encourage Chairs and leads of any partnership or individual organisation that has community safety within its remit, such as Community Planning, Community Justice etc.  Please feel free to send this invitation on to the relevant person within your partnership.


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