Let’s talk about Participation


July 22


09:30 am - 04:00 pm

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Scottish Community Safety Network

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The Pearce Institute

840-860 Govan Road, Glasgow, G51 3UU

Glasgow, Scotland, GB, G51 3UU

LET’S TALK ABOUT PARTICIPATION!  Registration from 9.30am.
Co-produced public services, where professionals and people using services mutually identify how services are delivered, can lead to better outcomes and improved efficiency.

Audit Scotland

This is an opportunity for anyone, but particularly those working in the fields of safer communities and justice, to find out more about approaches that enhance citizen involvement in the planning and delivery of public services.

In the late 2000s terms like ‘empowerment’, ‘coproduction’ began to make their way into public services in Scotland where previously ‘community engagement’ had been. The last five or so years in Scotland, particularly since the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 has seen a tremendous shift in will towards improving the involvement of citizens and communities in planning and delivering public services and a strengthened voice for citizens in Scotland.

Citizen participation in many aspects of public service planning and delivery is fundamental to deliver the system-wide change envisaged in the Christie Commission report and is now expected, for example by Audit Scotland in its scrutiny role, as well as statutory requiremen. However in 2016 Audit Scotland found that partnerships were “not yet delivering the ambitious changes in the way public services are delivered with and for communities”.

This seminar will explore the current landscape of participation in Scotland and the role of civil society and why it’s important for better outcomes and change; and hear from great speakers about a range of participative approaches from using the Place standard, Open government, citizen juries to involving people with lived experience in planning and young people in scrutiny.
There will be a chance to discuss these approaches and consider how you might use them in your own team, organisation and partnership. We will also spend some time reflecting on how to mainstream participative approaches and deliver the ambitious changes in the way we deliver public services with and for communities.

Discussion at the seminar will inform a learning report that will be shared by the Scottish Community Safety Network and contribute to conversations in Scotland on participation.

We are thrilled that our confirmed speakers so far are

Fiona Garven, Director of the Scottish Community Development Centre (SCDC)
Dr Claire Bynner, University of Glasgow and Children’s Neighbourhoods Scotland, formerly from What Works Scotland
Etive Currie, Glasgow City Council and Place standard tool co-creator
James Doherty and Kim McGuigan, Community Justice Scotland
Doreen Grove, Head of Open Government
Elric Honoré, Civil Society
Lisa Murphy, Young Scot
Jen Swan, Scottish Government Local Governance review team

How Participants will benefit:

Participants will gain an understanding of why the participation of citizens in public services is important.

Participants will learn about different participative approaches being used in Scotland and have time to consider how they might use some of these in their practise.
Participants will have time to contribute to the bigger picture on considering how participation in Scotland can be mainstreamed and deliver more widespread change.
Breakdown of the day:

 Session 1: Introduction to participation, case studies and current practices

 Session 2: Open space to find out more about these participative approaches

 Session 3: Open discussion on opportunities for advancing participative approaches in Scotland

We are looking forward to seeing you at our Let’s talk about participation seminar. Email info@scsn.org.uk with any questions.

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